Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pavagadh Mahakali maa

Pavagadh is a heritage place of Gujarat. The Pavagadh MahaKali Maa Temple is the Renowned Mahakali Shakti Peeth near Halol and Vadodara in Gujarat. The temple is located near Champaner, Ancient capital of Gujarat.Pavagadh temple is located at the height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). Devotees can also reach the temple through Ropeway.

The Temple of Mahakali Maa over Hill and has facility of Cable Car to reach the top Champaner: Declared Place of “World Heritage” Remains of Fort and Mosque built by Mohammed Begda in 11th Century. . It’s believed that Sage Viswamitra was installed the idol of Kalika Mata in Pavagadh. Local people believe that the area is filled up with the power and shakti of Viswamitra Maharshi. In The Pavagadh temple, Kalika Mata is worshipped as Dakshina Kali with tantric methods of puja It’s one of the famous three Shakti peetha temples in the state of Gujarat.

History of mahakali Maa And patai Raja:-

So Now lets Write about Patai Raja and Mahakali Mata.You can get the history of it’s heritage tombs.I am just going to share the holly story of Ma Mahakali who is residing there, was a king called Patai Raja who was ruling the Champaner which is situated in the foot of Pavagadh. That was the golden time of Pavagadh and Champaner as Maa Mahakali was residing there happily. Mahakali maa was not so dark at that time,But she was very beautiful, fair and pretty.

She used to go to Chmpaner to play Garba. And Patai Raja used to see her. He got attracted towards Mahakali Maa,Bhadrakali Maa is elder sister of Mahakali Maa.Bhadrakali get to know that king is looking Mahakali with dirty looks so she stopped Mahakali to go for playing garba. But Mahakali refused to stay and went for playing garba. As Bhadrakali is elder sister and Mahakali didn’t listened to her at all, She got upset and Angry with Mahakali. And that’s why she sat in opposite side of Mahakali,Still if you go to Pavagadh, You can see the temple of Bhadrakali which has Bhadrakali’s Back towards Mahakali maaTemple.After ignoring Bhadrakali, Mahakali went for playing garba,king Patai forgotten everything against her beauty and decided to make her queen of him.