Saturday, February 11, 2012



The Nadeshwari Mata Temple is situated in Nadabet. Nadabet is a military post situated 20 km from Suigam, near the Pakistan border.

According to folklore, the King of Junagadh Navdhan had stayed here with his huge army while on his way to rescue his sister Jashal from the clutches of the ruler of Sindh. At that time, a Charan girl had provided food to the army and had guided them to ensure a safe passage through the desert. This Charan girl is worshipped as Nadeshwari Mata. In the past the Chauhans ruled over Nadabet and before independence it used to be prosperous.

It is said that during times of drought, when people migrated towards Sindh, they first offered prayers here.

There is a gaushala near the temple. To the west of the temple is a BSF camp and to the North is a Hanuman temple.

Every year on Chaitra Sud Navam, thousands of pilgrims visit the temple and attend the annual fair. The soldiers at the BSF post near Nadabet take part in the worship too.

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