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Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday Gujarat

Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday Gujarat

Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday Gujarat

Maharishi Valmiki is a sage poet and is popularly accredited to the writing of the oldest epic- the Ramayana. The Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday Gujarat is celebrated at some places in Gujarat and is one of those fairs and festivals in Gujarat that revert back to the Indian cultural roots, that was at one point of time inseparably intertwined with religion.

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However, the Ramayana like most other Indian scriptures was also originally part of the orature tradition that passed down stories, verses and hymns from one generation to another, from the guru to the disciple. And therefore, Ramayana is actually the result of a collective effort on the part of number of poets and sages, though it is only Valmiki’s name that has survived the clutches of time, to reach us.

Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday in Gujarat India is celebrated in the month of October. His birthday is a holy day for the sect who prays and make offerings in his temples around India. Maharshi Valmiki was originally a ruthless and cruel robber who did not hesitate to kill people to rob them. However, under the influence of God Narada, the great follower of Lord Vishnu, he renounced his worldly unfair ways to spend time praying and preaching the name of the Lord.

Maharishi Valmiki’s Birthday Celebration in Gujarat includes reading out verses from Ramayana and worshiping the poet along with and also Rama. It is said, Valmiki gave shelter to Rama’s wife Sita in his ashram. She gave birth to twins Lav and Kush in the ashram and brought them up there. Lav and Kush at one point of time went to their father’s court and sang the Ramayana. Lord Rama himself was very pleased with the epic; though he did not know these boys were his own sons. Later however, he accompanied them to the ashram to meet Sita.

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