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The Muleshwar Mahadev temple is located in Padan village of Vaav taluka of Banaskantha district.

In the period between 942 AD and 997 AD, King Mulraj Solanki had become very powerful. On hearing that Ra Lakha was another powerful force in the nearby area of Kachch, he decided to wage war against him.

Mulraj sent his army six times and fought seven wars but was unsuccessful in his attempts to defeat Ra Lakha. On seeing his pain and confusion, a Rishi muni told him that he needed to worship an idol that had never been worshipped before if he wanted to win. On hearing this, the King announced a prize for anybody who could find one such idol for him.

Everybody set out in search. Around this time, in Padan village, a Brahmin who saw a cow drop her own milk on a particular spot was convinced that an idol of Mahadev was present there. As soon as King Mulraj was informed, digging started at that spot. Seven years later, a shivling was found.

King Mulraj invited Brahmins and rishis from all over the area, and worshipped the shivling in front of everybody. Following this, sweets were distributed across the area.

Mulraj once again waged war and this time, he defeated Ra Lakha. He was greatly pleased and built a temple for the idol at the place where he had found it. This temple became famous as Muleshwar Mahdev. Another temple was built at the place where the cow had dropped its milk and this was called the Dudheswar Mahadev.

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