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Majadar is a village in the Vadgam taluka of Banaskantha.

Two hundred and fifty years ago, the King of Ranuja (in Rajasthan), Raja Ajmalji had no children. He and his Queen Minaldevi were very depressed and worried about this. One day, while praying to God they pleaded with him to bless them with a child. It is believed that they then heard a divine utterance which said that they would be blessed with a child who would be an incarnation of God himself. Nine months after this divine utterance, Queen Minaldevi gave birth to Ramdev Peer.

As a child, Ramdev started growing and it is believed that people started noticing divine traits in him. He was extremely benevolent. He would always be ready to help others, irrespective of their caste and status. The villagers apparently even began experiencing strange miracles through his benevolent deeds. For example, it is said that on one instance, a merchant was traveling on a ship. Some thieves looted him and killed him. Ramdevji came to the rescue of the merchant's wife, miraculously restored the life of the merchant, ensured that the thieves caught a grave disease, and that the merchant got back his goods. Many such instances were apparently noted because of which people began addressing Ramdevji as Ramdev Peer and recognised him as an incarnation of God.

After leading a glorious life, full of divine deeds of benevolence, Ramdevji decided to give up his mortal body. In the year 1515 VS, on the day of Ajwali Beej of the Badharva month, the Patotsav began in the Darbargadh. After seven days of celebration, on the auspicious day of Bhadarva Sud Naum, in the presence of thousands of people who had gathered from far and wide, and also in the presence of family members who had all gathered to witness the divine, auspicious and miraculous occasion, Ramdevji took Samadhi, left this mortal world and attained enlightenment. Along with him his ardent devotee Dalibai also took Samadhi. In the Majadar village there are temples of both these great men.

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