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Shamlaji Fair Gujarat

Shamlaji Fair Gujarat

Shamlaji Fair, Gujarat

Introduction To Shamlaji Fair:
Shamlaji Fair, Gujarat is one of the main fairs in Gujarat. The fairs of Gujarat are quite exceptional; the fairs and the festivals that come about in the state are the true examples of India's rich heritage. The Shamlaji Fair or the Kartik Purnima Fair is one of the main events in Gujarat where all the tribes take part to make it a grand one.

Description of Shamlaji Fair:
Shamlaji Fair of Gujarat is known as the Kartik Purnima Fair. The fair is celebrated by all the castes and communities of Gujarat; they are Garasias and Bhils who actively take part in the event. The celebration and the fair lasts for two weeks. The tribes mainly celebrate the fair where different stalls of local handicrafts and art and artifacts gives the tourists the opportunity to buy the local products that bear the significance of the place. The main festival is referred as the worship of the black deity named 'Kalio Bavji'.

Shamlaji is eminent for the Shamlaji Temple, Vaishnav Shrine. The temple bears all the traces of ancient architecture, according to the Archaeological Survey, the temple belongs to 11th century. All the fairs and festivals develop round the temple which shows the strong ethnic background of Shamlaji.

Apart from the fair, the auspicious bath in the river Meshwo is considered to be essential for the tourists for purgation. Tourists from different corners of the state and from neighboring states come and visit the holy destination of religion and culture.

Time For Celebration of Shamlaji Fair:
Shamlaji Fair is held on the 'purnima' (full moon) of the month of 'Kartik' according to the local calendar, which falls in November. Tourists experience the true spiritual aura of Hindu culture and tradition in Gujarat.

Shamlaji is well-connected by railways and road routes. The village is located on the Ahmedabad-Delhi high road.

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