Saturday, February 18, 2012



Three kms from Iqbalgadh village on the Palanpur-Abu road is the Vishveshwar Mahadev Temple.

This temple is said to have been established centuries ago, when there was a thick forest, and several wild animals circled the area. The river Banas also flowed here.

When this place was dug up, a Shivling was found, which had the shadow of a snake above it. A grand idol of Ambaji Mata and an idol of Lord Ganpatiji were also found.

There is a legend behind this centuries-old Visheshwar Mahadev temple. The grand, majestic city of Chandravati Nagri stood between Amirgadh and Aburoad. Chandravati was ruled by kings of the Parmar clan. Many artistic Jain and Hindu temples were found there. It was believed that in this and its neighboring cities 999 Jhalar (beans) kept ringing throughout the day. One of them was the Jhalar of Visheshwar Mahadev Mandir.

The temple is small, but the Shivling that originated from the ground with a sarpchaya is considered to be most auspicious and miraculous.

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