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The city of Deesa was the property of the Nawabs of Palanpur. In the year 1814, Nawab Firoze Khan gave Deesa to the British on a lease of a hundred years. The British then established a military regiment in Deesa and from that time the place came to be recognised as Deesa camp/cantonment.

Around 1816, the soldiers of the regiment who were living at Deesa, established four temples where they could worship. The temple where the attendants and the troops of horses lived was called the Rasaleshwar Mahadev. The temple where the small division of the regiment of the army lived was called the Regiment Mahadev. The temple at the place where the cannons were kept was called the Topkhana Mahadev. The temple at the place where the regiment of the army lived was called the Paltan Mandir.

The Paltan Mandir is an extraordinarily magnificent specimen. It is also known as the Paltan Rajmandir or the Lakshminarayan Mandir. The appearance and shape of this temple is unbelievable and it attracts followers and tourists for its extraordinary art. It is regarded as a specimen of exclusive architecture.

The beautiful expression on the face of the Idol of Bhagwan Lakshminarayan is so attractive and divine that it instantly captivates the devotees. Beside this idol is a very beautiful Image of Lord Hanuman. On the other side is a small but very beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. The main attraction of this temple is the Panchmukhi Shivling. The main significance here is to offer billipatra to the Shivling. Devotees come here in large numbers during the auspicious month of Shravan.

Another important aspect of this temple is that Krishnajayanti and Ramnavmi are celebrated here with great pomp and splendour. On Gujarati New Year a very elaborate Annakut (offerings of various kinds of prasad and almost 56 varieties of dishes) is made. On Bhadarvi, Ekam Hom and Havan (sacrificial fire) are performed.

In the courtyard of the Lakshminarayan temple, an arrangement has been made for feeding birds.

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