Sunday, February 12, 2012



The Katav village of Vaav taluka has the privilege of being the seat of the unique Ram temple, which imparts peace and tranquility to its devotees. The name of Ram is ingrained on every part of the temple. It can be seen on the steps leading to the temple, the roof, the walls etc.

The devotees who come here are very religious. One can see everyone sitting and writing the name of Lord Ram. In this temple Rammantra is also installed in place of the idol of Lord Ram.

Pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Meerabai, Bhakt Narsaiya and many other Ram devotees, adorn the walls of this temple. In the Gokh outside the temple, there are beautiful idols of Ram Bhakt Hanumanji on one side and Tulsidas, the writer of the great epic, Ramayana on the other side. Devotees believe that doing the parikrama (going around the circumference) of this temple is as good as doing the parikrama of the entire universe.

Opposite this temple is another Ram Temple where idols of Ram and Sita have been installed.

Thus, this pious land of Katav has the honour of being the seat of three Ram temples.

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