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Biswakarma Puja Gujarat

Biswakarma Puja Gujarat

Biswakarma Puja Gujarat

Biswakarma Puja Gujarat, is the worship of Lord Biswakarma or Vishkarma, who was the architect of Dwarka, the city that was built for Lord Krishna. Lord Biswakarma is worshipped all over India, and particularly in the industrial cities, by those who work with tools and factory machinery.

Gujarat is the most industrialized state in the country, being home to 20% of the country’s industry. Biswakarma Puja Celebration in Gujarat therefore sees considerable public enthusiasm and is, one of the most popular fairs and festivals in Gujarat. Gujarat is in fact one of those states that see one of the most elaborate celebration of Biswakarma Puja, in the country in general.

Biswakarma Puja in Gujarat India is characterized by the worship by people, mostly workers, of the implements with which they earn their daily bread. Artisans clean their tools and repaint old machines; shop and factory floors are decorated for the occasion; loud speakers blare out music and the earthen idol of Biswakarma riding his vehicle, elephant can be seen being worshipped everywhere.

Biswakarma- the architect god is in fact the divine architect of the whole universe, regarded as the supreme worker and the personification of the creative power that holds heaven and earth together. The idol depicts him with four hands, carrying a water-pot, a book, a noose and craftsman's tools. All the divine weapons such as chariots that are traditionally possessed by the gods are his creation.

Biswakarma puja is also known in some parts of India as a day for flying kites. Whole families gather on rooftops throughout the day and local clubs arrange competitions. Another occasion that sees the Indian skies flooded with kites is, Poush Sanranti: the last day of the month of Poush (December-January).

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