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In the early 20th century, the Jains of Patan (approximately 72 kms from Palanpur) enjoyed a close relationship with the Jains of Palanpur, and marriages between the members of these two communities were fairly common.

At the turn of the century, a few Jain families shifted from Patan to Palanpur and, in order to establish a close and cordial relationship with the Palanpuris, decided to establish properties for the community.

Thus in 1912, Shri Chhotalal Jhaveri built a Jain library in Palanpur in order to fulfill the last wishes of his father Shri Hiralal Jhaveri.

Similarly, Shri Vadilal Jhaveri constructed a building in memory of Shri Jivanlal Tribhovandas Jhaveri for the Lokagach Jain community in Palanpur. This building is now known as Jivanwadi and houses a Jain Upashraya today.

The property of Jivanwadi was gifted by HH Nawab of Palanpur free of cost on May 31, 1905.

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