Wednesday, February 15, 2012



The Shitalamata temple at Kumpat, in the Deesa district, is considered to be the biggest Shitla Mata temple in the Banaskantha District. The Ahir Bharwads initially inhabited Kumpat village, but over time people from other communities also settled there.

Kumpat is famous because of the Shitla Mata Temple. The idol in the temple is considered to be miraculous -- many devotees claim to have experienced miracles in their lives.

The temple is more than three hundred years old. It is believed that the new idol was installed around 25 years ago.

A fair is organized in Kumpat twice a year -- once on Fagan Vad Satam and once on Shravan Vad Satam. Thousands of people attend the fair organized on Shitla Satam Day as the devotees have immense faith in Shitla Mata. Annually about 2000 Man (40 seers) of salt is offered to the Devi as oath (Manta).

Traditionally, Garba is played during Navratri. People from the nearby villages also participate in the Garba with great enthusiasm.

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