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Ramsan is a small village in Deesa district. The ancient name of this village was Ramsainyapur. Around 2200 years back, the Jain King Samprati Maharaj consecrated the statue of Sri Adeshwar and other Jain idols in a magnificent Jain temple.

In the year 1084 VS, under the auspicious guidance of Jain Acharya Sri Sarvadevsuriji, King Raghusen got this ancient temple renovated and got all the idols formally installed.

This town was demolished during the reign of the Muslim Badshahs. At that time in order to save the majestic idols of this temple, it is said that Rajput Kshemsingh sacrificed his life. The statue of this Kshemsingh still stands in the the temple. Soon after, this town was destroyed.

In the year 1988 VS, the Sri Sangh of this place renovated the remains of the original Jain derasar and got all the idols re-installed. Out of these statues, the 2200-year-old idols of Shri Adinath Bhagwan and Ambika Mataji are in the lower area of the Jinalay (Jain temple). The mighty Shikharbandh Jinalay above this was constructed in the year 1999. At that time the majestic statue of Adinath Bhagwan was brought from the basement and installed as Mulnayak Bhagwan. The Tirth also houses the idol of Shri Manibhadra Veer. The practice of offering sukhdi to the deity is prevalent here. A havan is also performed on Aso Sud Pacham.

A very significant fact about this village is that out of respect to this auspicious Jain Temple, the non-Jain villagers do not light the sacred fire on Holi.

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