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Vautha No Melo Gujarat

Vautha No Melo Gujarat

Introduction To Vautha No Melo:
Vautha No Melo is the largest fair in Gujarat. The fair brings various local villagers close and that creates a record number of visitors in the fair. The Vautha No Mela takes place near the confluence of seven rivers. The mela or fair is an important contributor to the rural economy of Gujarat. The fair is named after Vautha where the rivers Vatrak and Sabarmati meet.

Description of Vautha No Melo:
The fair holds mythological as well as economical importance to the state. The fair grounds spread across 3 square miles of land. It is believed by the locals that Lord Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva had visited the place. This incident gave rise to the festivities of the mela.

On the full moon night of November, that is the month of Kartik according to Hindu calendar, the grand fair of Gujarat starts. The site is famous as 'Saptasangam'; - a place of union of seven rivers. This place is the homeland of Saptarshi (Seven Sages). It is regarded as an auspicious spot with legendary significance.

Time For Celebration of Vautha No Melo:
Vautha No Mela takes place in the month of Kartik according to the local calendar, which coincides with the month of November. The fair lasts for two to three days. Thousands of tourists flock to the fair for an experience that is entirely rustic.

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