Wednesday, February 22, 2012



18 kms down the road from Palanpur to Ambaji, there is a small village called Jalotra. Near this village is a very auspicious place known as Guruno Bhankhro. As it is situated in the midst of the Aravalli mountain range, one has to make one's way through raw rough roads and ditches and climb difficult rocks to reach it. Many devotees, however, make their way through the arduous journey to reach this auspicious place.

An image of Guru Dhudhlinath has been installed in this holy place. It weighs 640 kilograms. It is believed that this idol of Guruji reached the Guru's Gufa (cave) situated at Guruno Bhakhro in seven hours. According to legend, Guru Dhudhlinath had successfully performed this task by taking the form of Guru Motiram. People also believe that ages ago Guru Dhudhlinath had stayed on this Bhakhra, done deep penance and acquired miraculous powers.

The villagers from villages surrounding this Bhakhra often come to pay homage to this Guru. They also take an oath before him for fulfillment of their wishes. There is a practice of doing "Guru's Lot" on the birth of first son.

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