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The temple of Vijaysar Mata has a famous legend associated with it. The legend is from the time that Darbar Ramaji and Darbar Harpal Singh were the rulers of this area. Harpal Singh was an ardent devotee of Vijaysar Mata and he would spend a lot of his time in worshipping the Goddess.

It is said that when Mohammad Begda came to Gujarat he passed through this area with his army. It is said that one day the queen was sitting at the window of Darbargadh and saw the long teeth of the elephants in Mohammad Begda's army. She was fascinated by them and immediately wanted to make beautiful bangles from them. She expressed this desire to Harpal Singh and asked him to get the teeth for her. The darbar tried to convince his queen that it was an unreasonable demand and it was not worth entering into conflict with the Badshah for a trivial thing like bangles. But the queen did not relent and finally he had to give in to her obstinacy.

At that time there was a practice amongst royalty of gathering daan (grains). While doing this the men of Darbar removed the teeth of the elephant. When Mohammad Begda came to know of this he was furious and decided to attack Harpal Singh's kingdom.

(Due to this incident concerning the elephant's teeth the towns at that time came to be known as Daatveri and Dantipur. In course of time these names turned into Dantivada.)

It is said that at this time, Harpal Singh bowed at the feet of Vijaysar Mata and said,"Mother there is going to be a war on your land. I have to fight against a big Badshah. Without your help victory is not possible. You will have to protect all of us." At this time, the temple bell rang automatically and this convinced him that Mataji would protect them.

Next morning the war began. To everyone's surprise, four ladies came disguised as men and within a short time, they alone defeated the army of the Badshah.

The four were really Vijaysar Mata, Varai Mata, Sejol Mata and Ismani Mata. The Badshah who was watching the battle in hiding was convinced that there was something unusual happening. The Matas who were disguised as men had nose rings, and this convinced him that some goddesses were fighting the battle. That night he saw Vijaysar Mata in a dream and following her advice, he sent a message asking for a peaceful settlement the next day.

Full of awe at the strength of the divine Goddess, he bowed down to her and told Harpal Singh,"You are the ruler of these 42 villages. I will not come in your way."

Thus, it is said that Vijaysar Mata protected the village and because of this feeling, the faith of all the devotees increased tremendously. Today there is a kindled Akhand Diya in the temple of the Mata

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