Monday, February 13, 2012



The Samor Mata Mandir is 5 kms from Vada, which is on the Radhanppur-Palanpur highway.

Approximately 2000 years ago, what we today call the Kakar village was a huge city and a prime trade center. At that time it was a Yatradham of a Devi, Navdurga. There was a large stone well here with steps leading down to the water.

Kakar was then ruled by the Hindu king Mansingh. Religion had a deep impact on the villagers who had installed a golden image of their Kuldevi for worship in every home.

In 1553 VS, Mohammad Ghazni attacked India. Hindu temples were being getting destroyed, and idols and images of Hindu gods and goddesses were being ruined. The villagers of Kakar saw this as a threat to their religion and were very worried about the safety of the images of their Kuldevi installed in their homes.

Raja Mansingh, an ardent Hindu and a clever king, called all the leaders from the villagers and instructed them to immerse all their idols in the ancient large stone well, so that they do not get damaged or fall into the hands of people of different religions.

Sometime after this incident, when the threat of foreign invasion diminished, the villagers relaxed to a great extent and wanted to bring back their Kuldevi images. But the water levels in the well had risen greatly and it proved difficult to remove the immersed idols from the well. Raja Mansingh again came to their rescue. He instructed the villagers to pray to the old Devi whose temple lay next to the well, as well as to their Kuldevi. They had to then take Mangal Feras around the well, and according to their individual customs, they had to untie their Kanakn Doras and offer Naivedh. Since everybody's images of the kuldevi were immersed, they were all also told to offer a coconut in the well. The villagers were convinced by the king's suggestions and implemented them. The kuldevi images were retrieved. On seeing this, Raja Mansingh named this devi 'Samuh Mata', which became Samor Mata in time. The devotees of this Mata have great faith in her. If somebody is sick in the family or they have any problems, the devotees take an oath before their Devi. If their wishes are fulfilled and their problems are solved, they come here for the Darshan of the Mata and offer Naivedh.