Friday, February 24, 2012

Temple at Arnej

Temple at Arnej

Maa But Bhavani's most important and most visited temple historically is situated at Arnej, District Dhodka near Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, INDIA. Although the exact date of establishment of this temple is not available in any historical database, it is believed and confirmed by many devotees that the present temple has been in existance for atleast a couple of centuries.

The temple is thronged by many devotees from all over Gujarat, India and offlate even from all parts of the world. The devotees come to this temple with great devotion to seek blessings and reliefs from their troubles from the Divine Mother Maa But Bhavani and also pay homage and visits after having successfully realised their various quests. The temple bears a festive look and hosts maximum number of devotees during the Navratri Festivals and the township during these festivals wear a carnival like mood.

The temple has stood the times with regular maintenance and is still in the magnificient condition as you can view from the photograph herein below. Devotees who wish to visit the temple can find their way by browsing the following links of this website and plan their travel accordingly. Please click here for more details

The temple at this moment is going through a remodelling phase and we have put up a photograph of the scale model of the temple's new look. With Maa But Bhavani's blessings and guidance and the immense devotion of her innumerous devotees, the temple at Arnej will very soon wear this new look with the best of facilities to accomodate the ever growing and increasing pilgrims visiting the Divine Mother at this pious location of Arnej.

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