Saturday, February 18, 2012



10 kms from Amirgadh is a small temple of Ambaji Mata. There is a beautiful statue of Ma Ashtabhuja Ambaji in this temple.

In ancient times, idols of Lord Shiva and Amba Mata were found in the thick jungle in this area. The devotees considered these statues to be miraculous and thus this area came to be known as Mai Nagar. This area being aboriginal, this temple is mainly visited by tribals.

This temple was built with the assistance of Palanpur Nawab in Khunia, 38 km from Palanpur and 3 km from the highway amidst the mountains. This temple is related to the history of ancient Chandravati.

On the days of Chaitri and Aso Navratri, Ma Amba is worshiped here with traditional Garba. In Khunia, near the Ambaji Mata Mandir there is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. Near this is an auspicious peepal tree where there is another grand idol of Hanumanji. Opposite to this is the idol of Kalbhairav. Thus, devotees visit several idols at the same time in this area.

A large fair is held on Chaitri Punam in the temple of Ambaji Mata in Khunia. Devotees and tribals come here in large numbers to enjoy the Bhatigad Sanskriti in colorful clothes.

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