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Situated 1 km from Ambaji, this temple is a superb example of artistic carving and sculptures which are even comparable with the Dilwara temples at Mt. Abu. This temple was built by Vimalshah, who was the Dandnayak of Chandravati before Bhimdeva. It is also known as Arasan Kumbhariaji.

Kumbharia town was established by Kumbhasana of Chittod, and is named after him. It is believed that during the reign of Bhimdev Solanki, the Dandnayak Jain Vanik of Chandravati, Vimal Shah, had thought of building the Kumbharia Jain Derasars to commemorate his victories.

There are five ancient Jain temples in this pilgrim center. Even older than the Dilwara Temple, these derasars have the idols of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan, Shri Neminath Bhagwan, Shri Shantinath Bhagwan, Shri Sambhavnath Bhagwan and Shri Mahavir Swami Bhagwan.

There are a total of 94 pillars in the Derasar, out of which 22 have exquisite and intricate carvings, and beautiful idols of Gods, Goddesses and Vidhyadharis installed in them. There are Jharokhas (artistic balconies) in the 'rangmandap'. The artistically carved and highly beautiful terraces and beautiful 'torans' give a clear idea of the grandness of this temple.

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