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The temple of Shri Bhorol Tirth, situated 17 kms from Tharad and 108 kms from Palanpur, is a Tirth of the 22nd Tirthankar of Jains, Shri Neminath Bhagwan.

There is a grand derasar in Bhorol adorned with 24 devkulikas. The main idol in this derasar is of Tirthankar Neminath Bhagwan.

Between the 11th and 16th century, there was a prosperous town here, called Pipalpur Pashtan. Around 1100 Jain families, including 60 multimillionaires, lived here. The Jain merchant Munjashah built a magnificent Jain temple with 1444 pillars, 72 Devkulikas and a step well. This temple no longer exists, but the ruins of the step well can be seen.

Over time this whole area was destroyed and it turned into a deserted, thick jungle, home to wild animals. People were scared to visit it. However a few years later, it was cleaned up again and people re-settled here. But due to the previous 'bhay' (fear or threat associated with this area due the thick jungle and wild animals) it came to be known as Bho-rahel, and this gradually changed to Bhorol.

Following the famine of the Chapnakal, a black stone idol of Shri Neminath Bhagwan was found by a kanbi working in a field. He carefully dug the entire place and came across many idols of Jain Tirthankars. Since the idols were broken they were buried again in the Lake Dhanagochar. After a few years, during the monsoons, these idols were re-located and placed in a derasar. This was during the rule of King Gajsingh.

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