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Christmas Gujarat

Christmas Gujarat

Christmas Gujarat

A coastal state that ranks as the most industrialized state in the country, Gujarat is located on the west coast of India. A vibrant land that abounds in enchanting tourist spots, Gujarat attracts tourists from worldwide. The state boasts of a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in the indigenous fairs and festivals in Gujarat. Indianholiday offers online information on Christmas Gujarat.

Gujarat is a land of Festivals and Fairs, and the state celebrates almost 3,500 festivals pertaining to different religions all through the year. The diverse ethnic groups constituting the Gujarati population has resulted in numerous festivals being celebrated in the state. Although not being a Christian state essentially, Gujarat celebrates Christmas Festival with great fervor and gaiety as does the rest of India.

Celebrated every year on 25th December to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus, Christmas in Gujarat is celebrated with great pomp and fervor, with both Christians as well as non-Christians participating in the fun and merrymaking wholeheartedly. Christmas Celebrations in Gujarat India is marked by people from all over the state as well as from outside indulging in fun and frolic and being part of the exotic fiesta that pulsates with the excitement of Christmas and Santa Claus.

For the Christians in Gujarat, the celebrations for Christmas Gujarat begin on Christmas Eve, with ‘Carols’ being sung in Churches. Dance and Music form the most important part of celebrating Christmas Gujarat. All the natives and tourists participate in wholeheartedly in such merrymakings.

During Christmas in Gujarat, the Churches get adorned with colorful papers, poinsettias and illuminated aromatic candles, all these adding an altogether divine essence to the festive ambience. The market places are decorated with tinsel and buntings and at places, you might even chance upon people posing as Santa Clause and stalking customers, especially children with gifts and endowments. Glittering Christmas trees are seen adorning numerous houses. Many houses are decorated with glowing stars and little Christmas trees adorned with sparkling stars, cotton or snow flakes, lights, candy and cakes. After the morning prayers are over, Christians assemble in their homes to indulge in some merry-making with the family and friends.

Christmas in Gujarat India is also witness exchange of gifts between friends and family, and some mouth-watering goodies being prepared to add on to the gay festivities. But the real essence of Christmas in Gujarat cannot be summed up in mere words. Travel to Gujarat during the Christmas to experience the excitement and fun.

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