Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ajit Nath Prasad Vihara

Ajit Nath Prasad Vihara


Ajit Nath Prasad Vihara
In the center of a huge plateau at the peak of Mount Taranga stands this beautiful temple of light sandstone, 45 m long and 30 m across. The large temple spire is supported by enormous pillars with beautiful maidens in winding, supple movements, figures carrying musical instruments, and topped by round lotus capitals. The exterior walls are also replete with figures carved in life-like poses and 12th-century dress and ornamentation. The central image of Bhagvan Ajitnath in lotus position, a 5 m statue carved from a single block of white marble, sits amongst breathtaking carvings and is among the tallest Jain sculptures in India.

The temple has a large sabhamandapa. The upper, "secret" storey is concealed from view and accessible only by a very uncomfortable ladder.

To maintain your inner stillness after a temple visit, enjoy the fresh clean air in the cool refuge of a small pond and an orchard near the temple.

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