Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bhavani Villa Banaskantha

Bhavani Villa Banaskantha
[Danta] [Reservation]

Danta was an 895 sq. km. Princely state ruled by the Parmars, descendants of the great King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. The Parmars made Chandravati their capital following the Arab conquest of 1200 AD. After the battle against Allauddin Khilji, they migrated to Tarsang. From there they moved to Danta three hundred and eighty years ago. Danta has a glorious past - of great kings, heroic warriors and gods who watched over them and sometimes stepped down onto earth to change the course of history. The care of the people of Danta is said to have been entrusted to the Parmars by Goddess Ambaji herself. Navratri Puja is performed by the Maharana of Danta in the famous temple at Ambaji every year .

Bhavani Villa offers a wide range of personalized services and facilities to help make your stay in Danta a memorable one.

Bhavani Villa has a delectable range of Indian cuisine on offer. Enjoy the food prepared for you by our traditional cooks and supervised by the lady of the house while absorbing the traditional ambience of our cosy and private dining room. You could also choose to sit outside and enjoy tea while enjoying a folk dance. ( on special request) The lush green hills and thick foliage make drives interesting and refreshing as you pass by hills, small tribal villages and mountain rocks. Each turn brings you to a breathtaking view of the majestic panorama of mountains all around and endless green fields. Choose to go for horse riding or cycle around at your leisure you certainly forget time and energise yourself with the scent of the green woods and cool mountain air as nature embraces you here!

Bhavani Villa is a Weekend Getaway Ex-Ahmedabad and is also visited as a part of Heritage Itinerary of Gujarat .

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