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Ahmedabad - 356 KM
Tithal Tithal
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This is a place where the climate is pleasant year around, nature is benevolent, well developed industries make the rich seashore and the forest region around it an ideal place for habitation, lends the people with a pleasant demeanor, simple and happy. Umargam, Bordi, Daman and Tithal near Valsad, the sea beaches at Dummas, Hajira, Ubhrat and Maroli, besides the Dangs forests in the east, all make a pleasant landscape. The Government has developed the hill stations of Tithal -Ubharat and Saputara.

Tithal is near Valsad in south Gujarat's seashores. Tall coconut trees line these and send in very cool and pleasant winds on the land. Toran Hotel is right on the beach. There are other hotels for the tourists too. A Sai Baba temple is also seen. A beautiful lain temple to house the lain ascetics and a Meditation Center are also in active use. Due to its very pleasant atmosphere and cool sea winds, this place has developed into a summer resort. The 'Wilson' Hills near Tithal are nearly 500 m above sea level and they also provide additional beauty to the region. These are inhabited by Adiviasis. They are about 50 km away from Tithal. In the memory of one of the Governors of Bombay Presidency this name is given to the highest peak and the range here. A Statue of Wilson is also put up here. The foothill area is called Pinval and is occupied mostly by the forest dwellers or Adivasis. The hill station of Saputara to the east is also a tourist center. The Government has built tourist hotels at Tithal and Ubharat as well.

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