Monday, July 4, 2011

Rani Ni Vav

Rani Ni Vav

RANI NI VAV, RANI NI VAV historical, RANI NI VAV travel, RANI NI VAV tourism, RANI NI VAV Historical PlaceLocation : Patan, Gujarat.
Built By : Rani Udaymati.
Built In Memory of : Bhimdeva.
Significance : Most Elaborately Adorned Step Well In India.

The ornate Stepwell
Step-wells, subterranean structures with steps leading down to the water level, are found in large numbers in the arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan . They started as simple structures, and in course of time, evolved to become complex, aesthetically pleasing works of art. The Rani-Ni-Vav at Patan, is one such monument.

The 'Vav' was built during the reign of Rani Udaymati of the Solanki Dynasty, probably as a memorial for her husband Bhimdeva I (1022-1063 AD), it is about 134 kms northwest of Ahmedabad , and about 57 kms from Mehsana.

No other 'Vav' or step well in India is so profusely adorned as the Rani-Ni-Vav. More than 800 sculptures form a remarkable backdrop to what was purely a functional structure.

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