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Rao Pragmalji Palace

Rao Pragmalji Palace

Rao Pragmalji Palace, Rao Pragmalji Palace historical, Rao Pragmalji Palace travel, Rao Pragmalji Palace tourismLocation : Bhuj, Gujarat.
Built In : Later Part Of 19th Century.
Built By : Rao Pragmalji.

Rao Pragmalji Palace Next to Aina Mahal, Rao Pragmalji's Palace is crossways the courtyard. Designed by the British engineer Col. Wilkins (though some believe he was an Italian), the palace was begun in 1865 to swap some stables and out-houses. Constructed in later piece of the nineteenth century, the Prag Mahal is a magnificent building made of ornate Italian marble and sandstone. Its Corinthian pillars and 'Jali' work depicting European flora and fauna are worth observing.

The Ornate Place
Rao Pragmalji Palace contains a vast Darbar Hall (25m x 12m) and 12m high with verandahs, corner towers and 'zenanas', all opulently decked out with carvings, gilding, Minton tiles and marble.

Opposite the clean, tidy reddish Prag Mahal a bighearted cornucopia of fantastic carved wooden balconies and window-screen enlivens walls. Much of the rest of this fairly modern palace is empty, locked up and rapidly deteriorating.

There are good views of surrounding countryside from the tall clock tower linked to the palace by covered galleries.

There is a fees required to be paid to enter the palace.

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