Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sculptures of Deities

Sculptures of Deities
RANI NI VAV, RANI NI VAV historical, RANI NI VAV travel, RANI NI VAV tourism, RANI NI VAV Historical PlaceThe 'Vav' is very rich in sculptures. Each level is profusely adorned with carved friezes and deities. Sculptures of deities in recessed and projecting niches cover all sides of the well. The lower most level has 37 niches with rudimentary images of Lord Ganesh in the centre. The images of Sheshashayi Vishnu in the central niches, on the upper levels, are more elaborate.

Also, on the upper levels, are impressive images of Laxmi-Narayana, Uma-Mahesh, Brahma-Brahmi, and Kuber and Ganesh, with their respective consorts. On the lower levels, are the images of Vishnu's incarnations and 24 forms. Interestingly, however, despite the fact that the 'Vav' is a water structure, the 'Kurma' and the 'Matsya' incarnations do not find a place.

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