Monday, January 9, 2012

Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple of Bet Island is near Dwarka, the abode of Lord Krishna. Temple of Bet Island is one of the famous shrines in India where devotees of Lord Krishna flock together to pay their homage towards their tutelary God.

It is a common belief that 5,000 years ago, Lord Krishna declared Dwarka as his capital, just after he left Mathura. It is said that Lord Krishna spent about a hundred years in the city of Dwarka. Thereafter, Dwarka became the holy shrine for the Vaishnavs, followers of Lord Vishnu (an incarnation of Lord Krishna).

Bet Dwarka is located about 30 kilometers north of Dwarka, on an island which is stationed at the middle of the Arabian Sea. Bet Dwarka is situated next to the coastal town of Okha. Bet Dwarka, as it is assumed, is the remnant of a reclaimed land which was borrowed from the ocean to build a beautiful city of Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka Island, founded in the Gulf of Kutch, is also known as Bet Shankhodhara. The Bet Dwarka has a Krishna Temple dedicated to the Lord, as Lord Krishna had stayed here for a long time with his family members.

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