Monday, March 12, 2012

Kanjeta Eco Campsite

Kanjeta Eco Campsite

Tented Accommodation
Kanjeta Eco Campsite Kanjeta is a fully developed campsite situated inside the Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary in the Dahod district of Central Gujarat. Like all the other eco campsite, this campsite is also surrounded by a rich variety of diverse flora and fauna. The main attraction is the sloth bear but the area also harbours other species like panthers, jungle cats, civets, jackals, hyenas, honey badgers, foxes, porcupines etc. It also boasts of a variety of avifauna like treepies, white bellied drongos, racket tailed drongos, paradise fly catcher, black headed oriole, etc and a variety of reptiles. The sanctuary's geological formation and structure adds alot to its beauty. River Panam originates from within the sanctuary. All of these great natural wonders give the sanctuary the potential of widening people's sensitivity towards wildlife in general.

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