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Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary

Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary
Marked with fringes of hillocks around the bordering periphery of the arid shrubby plain land distinct with wild grass is the Rampara Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary got the status of ‘Reserve Forest’ in the year 1983 before which it served as a shooting reserve that belonged to the former princely state of Wankaner also known as Central Saurashtra.

The natural spread of the sanctuary is known and renowned for housing an entire troop of mammoth antelopes. These vivacious antelopes roaming around in flocks or solitarily hiding in the wooded landscape are gorgeous creatures known for their slender body and thick coat of short fur. Galloping around the terrain with their delightful jumps and leaps, the antelopes add in zest and verve in the ambience.

Other animals like wolf, jackal, hyena, common fox, and blue bull are fellow residents of this sanctuary along with more than 130 species of birds flocking in this region. Partridge, Common peafowl, ring dove, large gray babbler, purple sunbird, yellow throated sparrow are indigenous varieties of birds inhabiting this area.

Drive around the wooded vicinity during the months of winter to enjoy the haven to the fullest. On a leisurely tour around the area you will come across the regal bluebull staring at you with wonder and inquisitiveness. The exquisiteness of the area is the galore of nature with herds of these antelopes grazing around and little ones in the group being mothered.

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