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Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite

Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite

Vadhvana Wetland & Eco Campsite
This irrigation reservoir and wetland located 10 kms from Dabhoi & 20 kms from the Jambughoda village, is the water source for 25 nearby villages, and a popular birdwatching site for species including stork, tern, ibis, and spoonbill. To get here you will have to rent a vehicle from Dabhoi, taking the Nanderi Gate road.

Apart from being a wetland, it also has an eco tourism campsite. The best time to visit the wetland is from October to March cause that is the main migratory seasons for birds which migrate here from all over the world.

Facilities at the Campsite:
  • Orientation Centre
  • Cottage accomodations with bath & toilet facilities
  • Tented Accomodations only with separate bathing & toilet facilites
  • Separate Kitchen & Dining places
  • Observation Towers for bird watching
  • Also has boats available for boating on the wetland to enhance the experience of bird watching
  • Separate area for Campfire
Being a responsible nature lover is our way of showing reverence to Mother Earth, a few tips for you to remember -
  • Make sure to visit the orientation centre first before you start exploring the campsite as that would give a good picture of what you are about to experience during your stay.
  • Most of these Eco Campsites use electricity which is generated by using solar energy, hence please use it responsibly.
  • No smoking whatsoever (cigarette butts cause many forest fires.)
  • No flash or intrusive photography (for example, don’t pluck leaves to clear a better view; reposition the camera instead.)
  • Do not carry any music system or sound making device along with you and remember to keep them switched off if you are driving around.
  • Picking plants or insects is prohibited in any area; do not remove anything from the parks or sanctuaries.
  • Do Not indulge in any quick or sudden movements to scare off wildlife.
  • Do not try going too close to the animals.
  • No pets should accompany you.
  • No littering. Trash is only to be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  • No hunting devices or other weapons should be carried, as well as used.

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