Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bahucharaji Temple

Bahucharaji Temple

Bahucharaji Temple, Bahucharaji Temple tour, Visit Bahucharaji  Temple of Gujarat, Temple tour of Bahucharaji TempleLocation : 35 Kms from Mehsana, Gujarat.
Dedicated To : Goddess Bahucharaji.

Contains : Three Temples.
Day of Celebration : Full Moon Day.

Famous for the temple of Goddess Bahucharaji, the town is 35kms. from Mehsana. There are three temples of the Goddess, of which two are termed 'Adyasthan' (the original site), and the center temple as a 'Madhyasthan'. The first of these encloses a Varkhadi tree from where the Goddess is supposed to have appeared. The little temple was built by Maratha Fadnis and the principal place of worship, the outer temple was built by Manajirao Gaekwad in 1781A.D. The Adyasthan contains the Sphathik Bala Yantra with gold cover. On every full moon day, the temple of the Goddess is visited by a bulky number of devotees and tonsorial ceremonies are performed.

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