Friday, December 30, 2011



The city of Surat enjoys a high reputation of enshrining scores of ancient temples dedicated to supreme deities, like Balaji, Ambaji, Kalikamata, Ramanath, Hanuman, Mahaviraswami, Paraswanath etc. In addition to these hoary mandirs, there are two mandirs dedicated to Siva. The Kasi Viswanath temple lying on the Balaji Road and Muleswara or Moreswara Mahadev Mandir situated in Gopipura are deservedly famous and are attracting devout Saivates and theists throughout the year. These two are built under ground, yet possess all the parivaradevatas for conducting prayer services according to agama sastras. These mandirs enshrine Sivalingas in addition to the icons of Lord Maheswar made of marble.

Being very ancient, renovations were carried out several times, so they embody many modern trends, yet aradhana rituals remain same and hence the hovering of Saivism over the entire area. They are visit-worthy.

Surat is a harbour town of Gujarat and is accessible by air, road and railways.

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