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Temple of Amba Mata

Temple of Amba Mata

Temple of Amba Mata, Temple of Amba Mata tour, Visit Temple of  Amba Mata of Gujarat, Temple tour of Temple of Amba MataAmba Mata located on top of the peak, this is the temple where newly weds go to worship in order to ensure a happy marriage. The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Ambaji. It is situated on the Arasur Hill, and can be approached by raod from Abu Rd.

In Rajasthan, as well as from all other important places in Gujarat. Folk drama called 'Bhavai' is performed in the courtyards of the temple. The Kumbhariya Jain temples are located just 3 km from here.

Ambaji (Banaskantha district) is the seat of Ambe Mata, the mother goddess. Hers is a household name in the state. People pay honor to her during Navratri in song and dance. Navratri in Gujarat is comparable to the worship of Saraswati in Bengal. Ambe Mata is the Adya Shakti- the primordial female power the mother goddess. The Ambaji temple which is situated on the Arasur hill in the Aravali Range does not contain any idol. It has only a yantra engraved in a niche. The shrine is made of marble. Large number of devotees visit the shrine during Temple of Amba Mata, Temple of Amba Mata tour, Visit Temple of  Amba Mata of Gujarat, Temple tour of Temple of Amba Matathe Purnima fairs held on the full moon day of Kartik, Chaitra, Bhadrapad and also Navratri is celebrated on a grand scale here. Ambaji is one of the 64 Shakti Piths. The Shakti Piths have been established at those places where the pieces of Sati's body fell. It came about this way. Shiv's father-in-law Daksha Prajapati felt insulted when the son-in-law did not stand up to receive him. In order to slight him he organized ayagna and did not invite Shiv. Sati went to the yagna uninvited. She too felt slighted when people failed to take note of her presence. According to Puranas she fell into the sacrificial fire. Shiv picked up her body and rushed about in great grief. Vishnu had to intervene. He cut up the body with his discus, so that Shiv may regain his composure. According to tradition one of the pieces fell at Ambaji. A short distance from Ambaji is the Gabbar Hill. It is said that the goddess revealed herself on the Hill and left her footprints.

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