Monday, April 23, 2012

Fateh Singh Museum:

Fateh Singh Museum:
Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum houses a remarkably huge number of art works of the royal family. Maharaja Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad III during his several visits abroad collected pieces of art and stored them here. The most fascinating collection of this museum however comprises of host of paintings by European and Indian artists. In this collection, paintings of Raja Ravi Varma who was specially deployed by the then Maharaja of Baroda catches the limelight. His collections essentially comprises of the portraits of the Royal family and paintings based on Hindu mythology. Hindu mythology was the forte of Raja Ravi Varma.

This apart, at Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum in Vadodara you will also get to see the striking collection of sculptures in marble and bronze. This collection comprises of the representation of great masters in bronze specially made to order by the Maharaja and also originals by famous artists. Besides, you will also come across works of an Italian artist called Fellicci who not only decorated the museum with his fine works but also the Lakshmi Vilas Palace.

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