Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hawa Mahal Palitana

Hawa Mahal Palitana

Built in the Edwardian style, the design and execution of this palace was carried out by an Indian contractor in the 1930s. The Gohil kins of Palitana, a sub-branch of the Bhavnagar Gohils, drew a large part of their revenue by levying taxes on Jain pilgrims visiting the ancient hill temples of Palitana.

Vijay Vilas Palace – Palitana, Across Mandvi Beach, Bhavnagar: Vijay Vilas Palace is located on the banks of Rukmavati river, 8 kms away from Mandvi. This Palace is turned to a remarkable Heritage Hotel build by Yuvraj Vijay Sinhji of Palitana. Build in 1920 A.D. by architects and craftsmen from Jaipur, it has elements of Rajput architecture with central high dome on the pillars, colored window panes, carved stone ‘jalis’, domed bastions at the corners, extended porch and other exquisite stone carved marvels. It has Bengal domes on the sides. The Palace stands unique with grandeur with its own private beach which offer air conditioned tented accommodation. A popular tourist destination, the Vijay Vilas Palace is filmed in Bollywood.

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  1. hey this pgoto is not of the hawa mahal of palitana....its of the 1 in jaipur...

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