Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prag Mahal - Bhuj, Kutch

Prag Mahal - Bhuj, Kutch: http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/223/1606/PreviewComp/SuperStock_1606-125019.jpgRao Pragmalji II took up the construction of Prag Mahal in Bhuj, India on 1838 A।D। and continued with it till the year 1876. He assigned the task of designing the building to Colonel Henry Saint Wilkins, a renouned Architect during that time. Raised in the year 1879, the Prag Mahal is a splendid palace in Gothic style at a cost of Rs 31 lakh by an array of Italian engineers, artists and artisans. You can see the entire Bhuj city from its 45-foot high tower.The ornamentation on the body of the structure has its grandeur look. The Corinthian pillars and Jali work which depicts European plants and animals are also worthy of a mention.

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