Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ranjit Vilas Palace on a hilL

Ranjit Vilas Palace:
Amarsinhji built the Ranjit Vilas Palace on a hill, overlooking Wankaner town. It took seven years to complete and was designed by Amarsinhji himself. It was inaugurated by and named after his dear friend Jam Ranjitsinjhi of Jamnagar. The ground of the palace extends to two hundred and twenty five acres. The state guesthouse, Chandra Bhavan is also located in the same campus in the vicinity of the Ranjit Vilas Palace.

Step Well: Wankaner also has a step well, the last one to be built in Gujarat. In the Royal Oasis complex, the 3-storeyed step well, has 2 underground floors with cool subterranean marble rooms, fine sculptures and a fountain.
Morbi: 27 kms. Among the places worth seeing in Morbi have Green Chowk, Darbargadh, Art Deco palace, Wellington Secretariat, railway station, Nehru Gate and Lakhdhirjee Engineering College.

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