Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ancient Temple of Sati Ranik Devi

Ancient Temple of Sati Ranik Devi

This is a popular tourist spots in Gujarat with an interesting legend. The story behind the building of this temple is that Ranik Devi was a beautiful girl born in the Junagadh territory, when Raja Sidh was ruling Patan State. She was betrothed to him, but the ruler of Junagadh, Rakhengar, was in love with her. He abducted and married her. This caused a deadly feud between the two chieftains. In time Raja Sidh invaded Junagadh and slew Rakhengar. When Ranik Devi heard of the death of her husband, and of the invader's wish to marry her, she performed sati; that is, to protect her chastity she offered herself into fire at the cremation of her beloved husband. In her memory the broken-hearted conqueror raised the temple.

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