Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chaumukh Temple

Chaumukh Temple or four- faced shrine, the highest of the shrines is visible from a distance of 40 km. erected in the early 17th century, it houses a quadruple image of the apostle Adinath, who gazes in the four directions. Other notable temples are Kumarpal, Vimalsha, and Shahastrakuta bearing the distinctive aura of the Jain temples. Another important temple is that of the first Teerthankara, though, in its overall plan it is simpler than the Choumukh. Other notable temples are those of Kumarpal, Vimal Shah and Sampti Raja. Kumarpal Solanki, a great Jain patron, probably built the earliest temple. The temple has a fabulous collection of jewels, which can be seen with special permission. Adjacent to the Shri Adishwara Temple is the Muslim shrine of Angar Peer where childless women make votive offerings of miniature cradles to the saint to bless them with children. The Temple town of Palitana has some interesting handicrafts and 2 museums of Jain art - the Stapiya Kala Sangrah and the Shri Vishal Jain Kala Sansthan.

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