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The Jamnagar district of Gujarat epitomizes a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. It is a coastal town which is situated 92 km north west of Rajkot.There are buildings of ancient times on one hand and a well planned city with modern facilities on the other. Besides monuments; it is a major tourist attraction, as it is home to some of the most exclusive handicrafts.

Jamnagar is situated on the confluence of the rivers Nagmati and Rangmati and was previously known as Nawanagar. The city of Jamnagar was founded by Jam Raval who made it his capital. It is located around 300 km from Ahmedabad and is situated in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

The Jadeja Rajputs known as Jams contributed greatly to the development of the city and employed European town planning techniques, which is evident in the new city.From being an ancient city to symbolizing industrial revolution, the city of Jamnagar is certainly one of the places in Gujarat which holds tourist importance.

There are numerous places of tourist importance in Jamnaga

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