Monday, September 12, 2011

Festivals of Gujarat

Festivals of Gujarat

Festivals of Gujarat

A visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers a tourist with a golden opportunity to unravel the beauty of the culture and tradition of a stately and traditional Gujarat, India. Tourism of Gujarat, offers an opportunity to skim through the role that religion plays in the civic life of Gujarat, India. Tourism of Gujarat, takes the tourist on a colorful and ennobling odyssey of the bright, musical and ebullient festivals of a colorful and exciting Gujarat, situated in India. Gujarat, situated in India, prefers to celebrate its religious festivals like Navaratri, Deepavali, Kite Festival, Shiv Ratri and Janmashtami, with a great deal of pomp, splendor and aplomb which makes all these events quintessentially Gujarati in spirit and rhythm. Fun and Frolic and general merriment seems to be the order of the day as people of all hues, shades and denominations venture outside their homes to be one with the festive spirit of Gujarat, India.

Navratri, is a celebration of the victory of good over evil and the restoration of the general order of things in the firmament and happens to be the festival when one can witness the people of Gujarat in the their colorful attires, spreading and celebrating gaiety and pleasure all around them with their dances and lilting music to the gladdening of all and sundry.

A visit to Tourism of Gujarat, offers travel tour booking and travel packages to the festivals of Gujarat, situated in India.

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