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Shiv Shakti Sangh

Shiv Shakti Sangh
The region of Candos to Visitation which includes the localities of Paillote, Carreau Laliane, Clairfonds, Modern, Vignta, Solferino and Camp Pave comprises of over 5000 Hindu Families. There was no temple in that region. Residents had to go either to La Caverne or to Bassin Road for usual prayers and ceremonies. The need for a temple in the locality was even more felt particularly in important festivals such as the Maha Shivaratree. It was the wish of one and all that a temple be constructed in that region.

Late Mr. Sookdeo Issur, donated a portion of land of 35 perches situated at Solferino No 5, Vacoas for the purpose of constructing the Shivala, which would be fully functional and should cater for the spiritual needs of the Hindu residents.

Mandir in Construction

The project was therefore initiated to realise that dream. An association was founded in November 1991 : "The Shiv Shakti Sangh". Here begins an endevouring project which has concretised in the building of the Shiv Shakti Mandir today. The association has to date 30 Founder members and 110 life members. If you wish to join the Shiv Shakti Sangh, you may do so, but please read the Constitution of the Association first.

The laying of the foundation stone ceremony was held on the 15th January 1992. The construction of the Shivala itself began in August 1992. By membership contributions, loans and donations from various people, the project was duly completed and now the shivala is fully constructed with 8 moorthis - Santoshi Maa, Shiva Parvathi, Ganesha, Karthikeya, Durga Maa, Vishnu, Nandi Devta, Ram Parivaar, Radha Krishna, Shiv Lingum and Hanuman.

Finished Temple

Various activities are organized each year among which are the Srimad Bhaghwat Katha, Ram Katha, Durga Pooja, Maha Shivaratree and ceremonies for every hindu festivals.

Recently the shivala just had a new Moorthi Staphan ceremony for a new Shivling. The new Shivling is the same in size as the one at Grand Bassin.

Managing Committee for the temple 1998-2000

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