Monday, September 19, 2011


Meenakshi Temple - Tamil NaduTemples in India is one concept that perhaps is no more novel or pioneering in contemporary times. India has been blessed enough to be the home to lakhs of religious institutions since uncharted periods, times when even man did not much comprehend about existence or daily life. Archetypal temple architecture from ancient times re-described massiveness or structural epitome in rock or pure stone. Every religious faith had a story to essay; every religion had a point to establish through their impeccable builds. It also becomes quite evident that emperors and dynasties reigning in various epoch, has forever made their view etched in pages in Indian history. As such, be it in Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Vaishnavism or Islamic, Indian temples by religion is a broad and panoptic perception which perhaps will never cease to exist. Temple building and veneration is everlasting, as long as humanity exists to have faith in the almighty. There survives and persists temples for every religion in India.

India fundamentally being a religious country has its huge population rooted to one or the other religion. That is why it possesses an extensive range of temples on various religions like there are Buddhist temples, Sikh temples, Hindu temples and Jain shrines. India, referred to as a `sovereign socialist secular democratic republic`, people from every religion has equal liberty to offer prayer to their respective faiths and Lords. Indian temples by religion become, thus, a mind-blowing concept that can perhaps only be envisioned virtually.

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