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Maa Mahakali Temple,

Maa Mahakali Temple,
Mahakali Temple, Pawagadh, Vadodara, GujaratPawagadh is one of the biggest tourist attractions and pilgrimage centres in Gujarat, located at a distance of 45 km from Vadodara. Pawagadh is chiefly a quaint, laidback village, made prominent by the presence of the Mahakali temple. The actual temple is at a height of 550 metres (1523 feet). Now-a-days ropeway facility has been made available keeping in mind the comfort of the pilgrims. Otherwise about 250 steps have to be climbed in order to reach for the top.

The Mahakali Temple is believed to be one of the 51 `shakti peeths` in the world. People go by the saying that the right toe of the goddess Parvati fell here. However, the uncanny part of this peeth is that the ground floor houses the statue of Goddess Kali, while the first floor is a Mazar of a Pir, visited by Muslim disciples. In the very same structure two sects of devotees come to pay their respects in two different places of worship, but with peace and harmony. Viewed from a communal angle, it is a distinguished feat indeed.

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