Friday, November 11, 2011

Gujarat Textiles

Gujarat Textiles

Bandhani GujaratGujarat has a large flourishing textile industry which contributes to the arts and crafts of India. The textiles have a large variety to offer to the end consumers. It mainly depends on factors like varied raw materials, combination of yarns and effective use of traditional techniques. The enriched range of textiles owes to the people of different communities, castes, tribes and regions of the state, who have kept the age old tradition alive. For instance, Tangalia fabric from Surendranagar is inlaid with thread during weaving, to create geometrical patterns and peacock motifs. Deesa fabric was originally worn by tribes of Gujarat. It contains geometric patterns with bold black outlines, in deep earthy colors.

Bandhani or Bandhej of Gujarat is one of the best tie and dye fabrics in India. These are produced on the mulmul (muslin) cloth, often combined with gold checks and motif work in the jamdani style. In this technique, a portion of the fabric is tied into tiny knots, following a pattern. Then, the fabric is dipped into a base color, followed by retying and dyeing. This is done several times till the final color scheme and pattern is achieved. Eventually, the complexity of the process and the quality of the fabric decides the price of a Bandhani piece. The main centers of Bandhani work in Gujarat are Kutch, Jamnagar and Saurashtra. You can also find Bandhani sarees, adorned with Zari work, in the markets of Jamnagar.

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