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Aji Dam Garden- Rajkot

Aji Dam Garden, Rajkot is a major Tourist Attraction in Rajkot. The Aji Dam Garden in Rajkot is a beautiful garden beside the Aji Dam. The garden is situated downstream and looks beautiful with lovely flower plants, trees and different types of floras. The Aji Dam Garden in Rajkot in Gujarat in India also has amusement parks and zoos. There are food courts and children parks. In the amusement parks both the adults and the children can have a nice time. The Aji Dam Garden in Rajkot is a spot which is visited by people of all ages.

Aji Dam Garden is maintained by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation. In the amusement park of the Aji Dam Garden people can spend a nice time trying out the rides and eating snacks at the food courts. The Aji Dam Garden at Rajkot in Gujarat in India also has a bird aviary, zoo and crocodile park. This garden is situated at a distance of eight kilometers from the city, on the outskirts which gives the visitors an opportunity to move around in serene tranquility. During the winter season the Aji Dam Garden, Rajkot looks more beautiful as the trees and the flowers are in full bloom.

The winter birds which comes to this area during the winter stays on the trees of the gardens which adds color and beauty to the Aji Dam Garden of Rajkot in Gujarat in India. The colorful and the vibrant atmosphere attract more and more people during this time of the year. The pleasant atmosphere of the park and the number of people around helps the visitor in having a good time in the Aji Dam Garden of Rajkot. People of Rajkot visit the Aji Dam Garden for an evening walk and to meet and sit with their friends and enjoy a beautiful evening. The food stalls and amusement park in the Aji Dam Garden of Rajkot attracts children and adults alike.

Location info:

Address:Aji Dam Garden ,Rajkot,Gujarat,India
District: Rajkot
Nearest City: Rajkot
Best time to visit:


summer with temperature soaring up to 45 'C and proper care should be taken to avoid and kind of sickness. The winter in turn are quiet pleasant with average temperature dipping up to 12 'C


The history of Rajkot city dates back to the 17th century. The city was established by the then ruler of Sardhar in 1608 A. D. Gradually, it earned the status of a Princely State in the year 1805. The British Government during 1820 to 1870 played a commendable role in developing the old city area popularly known as Sadar.

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