Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hazrat Shah Abdullah Husaini Kadri Shattari

2) Hazrat Shah Abdullah Husaini Kadri Shattari (d. 1609) (5th Moharram 1017 hijri)(Ahmadabad) received Khilafat from Hazrat Wajiuddin Guajarati and carried the Shattari traditions and illuminated the generations to come with the Sufi Shattari message. His Shrine is located inside the beautiful Shrine structure of Hazrat Shah Wajiuddin Guajarati in Khanpura, Ahmadabad.


Hazrat Sayyed Shah Moulana Qutub-ul-Aktaab Haashim Peer Dastageer Husaini Kadri Shattari (Bijapur, Karnataka) (7th Ramadan)

Hazrat Hashimpeer Datageer who represents the glorious traditions of Qadri and Shattari Sufi orders came to bijapur on specific instructions from the holy prophet of Islam. He was born and brought up in a highly scholastic atmosphere particularly under influence of Hazrat Sayyedna Wajihuddin Gujarati, popularly known as Haider Ali Saani.
It was rule of Ibrahim Adil Shah II when Hazrat Hashimpeer arrived in Bijapur. During his stay in Bijapur he influenced the rulers of Bijapur to give up their un-Islamic and heretic practices.
The world famous monument of Gol Gumbad is located near shrine of Hazrat Hashimpeer owes its completion to the 10 years of life which Hazrat Hasshimpeer granted to his disciple Sultan Mohammed Adil Shah.

The Following are some of Famous Awliyas / Sufi Saints of Silsala-e-Shattari / Silsala-e-Shuttari :-
1) Hazrat Abdullah Shattari Mast (RA)
- Founder of the Silsala ( Kila Mandav, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh )
2) Hazrat Allauddin Kaazan Shattari (RA) ( Hajipur, Bihar )
3) Hazrat Abul Fatah Hidayatullah Sarmast Shattari (RA) ( Hajipur, Bihar )
4) Hazrat Shah Zahoor Haji Huzoor Shattari(RA), Malikana kabrastan, Ratan Sarai Ratan Sarai ( Railway Station ), Sivani, Bihar.
5) Hazrath Shah Sultan Haji Hameed Mohammed Shattari ( Ghouse-e-Gwaliori )
6) Hazrat Shah Wajihuudin Gujrati Husaini Kadri Shattari (Khanpur, Ahmadabad)
7) Hazrat Shah Abdullah Husaini Kadri Shattari (Khanpur, Ahmadabad )
8) Hazrat Sayyed Shah Moulana Qutub-ul-Aktaab Haashim Peer Dastageer Husaini Kadri Shattari (Bijapur, Karnataka).
9) Hazrat Qutb-e-Zamaa Sufi Sarmast Ali Shah Qalander Husaini (RA) ( direct desecent of Hazrat Hashim Peer Dastageer (RA) (Nandura - Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra)
10) Hazrat Sufi Abdullah Shah Husaini Qadri Shattari (Bijapur, Karnataka)
11) Hazrat Sufi Ghafoor Shah Qalander Husaini Kadri Shattari (Ganesh peth, Daroowala pool, Pune - Maharashtra)
12) Hazrat Sufi Hidayatulllah Shah Husaini Kadri Shattari (Nandura ,Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra)

In Bangalore a very Famous Dargah Shareef of Sufi Saint belonging to Silsala-e-Shuttaria is of Hazrath Attah-ulla shah Shuttari (RA), who is very well known as the peer-o-murshid of Hazrat Hyder Ali Khan Bahadur (RA) father of Hazrat Tippu Sultan Shaheed (RA).

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