Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Veraval is a port town that is located in the Junagadh district of the state of Gujarat. The port town was of great importance and in its heydays, was one of the main ports along the coast. Veraval was the departure point for many Muslims who wished to travel to Mecca before the port of Surat was opened.

The town still has many of its old buildings and boasts of a rich cultural heritage as well. It was once a fortified town and was the home of the royal family. There are many old palaces that are located in the town and the Summer Palace of the Nawabs is one if the main attractions of the place. Tourists flock to witness this exquisite feat of architecture. Near the palace, the ruins of the old fort can still be seen today and the gates of the fort which are impressive are still standing. However they are in a bad state due to lack of maintenance. The Pathan Gate and the Jungadh Gate are the main entrances of the fort.

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